The Brand New Mediflow Elite Pillow

by Admin 18, November 2013
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Now introducing the newest addition to the Mediflow family of products; The Mediflow Elite Pillow, our finest quality!

The Mediflow Elite Pillow contains the timeless water base technology that has made Mediflow famous.  The water base pillow product category has been pioneered by Mediflow and the company continually innovates and develops the Mediflow Pillow to provide its customers with a product that ensures a great night’s sleep.  The most recent addition to the product line is our highest quality and can now be exclusively purchased at FrontGate and select Bed, Bath and Beyonds.  The following features have been added to the Mediflow Pillow to make the New Mediflow Elite Pillow:

Ø  Hand Sewn Woven Rope Cord Edge

Ø  30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee/3 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defects

Ø  300 Thread Count/100% Sateen Cover

Ø  INVISTA’s Newest PURESTUFF Polyester Fiber which is loftier and will stay lofty longer

In 1994, Mediflow produced the original water base pillow and actively gained recognition in retail markets such as Amazon, where the Mediflow Pillow is the number 1 selling pillow, with over 4 million sold and over 1,000 reviews averaging 4 out of 5 stars.  Besides gaining notoriety in the retail markets, The Mediflow Pillow has been praised by healthcare professionals after the release of a Johns Hopkins School of Medicine clinical study that ranked The Mediflow Pillow best in all categories tested, including quality of sleep and reduction in neck pain. The Mediflow Elite Pillow is now being sold at a select number of Bed, Bath and Beyonds in the United States. 

Mediflow believes in the importance of sleep and it's impact on one's overall health.   The added benefits for achieving a quality night's rest range from energy, confidence, less stress and increase in physical appearance.  In a world where you are constantly on the go, we believe when you do lay your head onto your pillow, it should be a pillow that has been trusted by over 4 million people and approved by prestigious health institutions such as Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Give us a try and we promise not to disappoint.  We are so confident in our pillow that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 3 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.  The holiday season is here, so give a loved one, “the gift of a good night’s sleep.”  We promise it will be the gift that keeps on giving!


The Mediflow Elite Pillow is exlcusively sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond and

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Ever Wonder How Your 5 Senses Impact Your Sleep?

by Admin 17, July 2013
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Part II - Smell & Touch

In part 2 of this mini-series, we will be looking at the sense of smell and touch.  Each of these two senses can be stimulated to promote sleep.  Knowing how to set your sleep environment up for sleep success is largely based off its smell and how comfortable you are in bed.  We will be diving deeper into which scents are scientifically proven to promote sleep and what bedding products are the best to get a great night’s sleep.

Starting with scent, let’s talk about the holy grail of scents -- lavender.   According to a Wall Street Journal article, Lavender’s aroma has been shown in human studies "to slow down heart rate, slow blood pressure and put you in a parasympathetic state, which is a relaxed state," says University of Miami School of Medicine scientist Tiffany Field, who has studied the effects of lavender on relaxation and sleep.  So instead of counting sheep, try using lavender to place your mind at ease and relax your body.  If lavender isn’t quite the scent for you, try some of these other scents that have been proven to relax the mind and body according to chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood, mandarin, jasmine, vanilla, rose, lilac and ylang-ylang.  All these scents can be purchased as a candle, incent or oils, but incents and candles should never be burned during sleep because of the danger of a fire.  So instead, try some scented oils or other aromatherapy products that can be placed in the corners of your bed or room for maximum aroma exposure. 

Purchasing candles and oils is a relatively inexpensive investment to promoting quality sleep. Bedding on the other hand is a bit more expensive but worth the expenditure as it will be used 1/3 of every day. 

Being physically, mentally and emotionally relaxed before sleep is the main ingredient in getting a good night’s rest.  Even having fresh clean sheets can impact the quality of sleep.  According to Dr. Michael J. Breus a sleep expert, found that  78 percent reported more excited about going to bed when they have clean sheets, 71 percent reported sleeping better on clean sheets, 29 percent reported going to bed earlier when they have clean sheets on the bed.  Fresh sheets are an easy way to give yourself a clean start to getting a good night’s rest, room temperature is also a quick fix to promote sleep.  It really depends on the temperature you enjoy but I have always found that a room that is a little cooler allows me to use my comfortable blanket to keep myself warm. 

Your mattress, pillow, sheets and comforters are all important to how you sleep.  Each of these products needs to fit a comfort level that encourages you to go to sleep.  Mattresses, pillows, sheets and comforters range from cheap to extremely expensive; the most expensive products are not necessarily the best products nor are they the best product for you.  The leading cause for poor sleep is a bad mattress.  One third of your life you spend sleeping, so why not splurge on a mattress and/or pillow that will ultimately help you enjoy that 1/3 of your life.  Each individual is different and the sleep council has a great way of breaking down each mattress and its benefits and downfalls, check it out here: This site is a great starting point when purchasing a new mattress.

When it comes to pillows, I believe the decision is obvious; The Mediflow Pillow is the only clinically proven pillow to improve quality of sleep and decrease overall neck & back pain.  It has a 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and was reviewed by over 900 people.  Over 4 million Mediflow Pillows have been sold and is the top selling pillow on Amazon.  We do not believe the pillow should be approached as a one size fits all type product.  Which is one of the many reasons why the Mediflow Pillow works for all.  It is 100% customizable.  Depending on the firmness you desire, simply add or subtract water from the water bladder to achieve the best possible firmness and support. 

The right combination of bedding and scents can be the key to your sleep success.  If you are having trouble sleeping, clean your sheets, place scented lavender oils around the room and make sure your mattress suits your comfort preference.  Sweet dreams and tune in next time for a blog written on how hearing different sounds or music may positively or negatively impact your quality of sleep.

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Ever Wonder How Your 5 Senses Impact Your Sleep?

by Admin 24, April 2013
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After hearing the staggering facts on sleep deprivation, and its effects on one’s health and the health and well-being of those around them, such as:

Each year sleep-related accidents and mistakes cost U.S. businesses an estimated $56 billion a year, causes nearly 25,000 deaths and results in over 2.5 million disabling injuries [1]. I decided to focus on ways to increase sleep quality in a natural and healthy manner. 

Often times many people take the quick fix approach to solving sleep problems with potentially dangerous solutions like sleeping pills.  According to the Alliance for Natural Health, 60 million prescriptions for sleeping pills were filled in 2011, that’s compared with 47 million in 2006[2].  The number continually increases as the general population uses a quick fix strategy for sleep.  Unfortunately sleeping pills may make you go to sleep quicker BUT according to a study published in the British Medical Journal, if you take a prescription sleep aid, even as little as 18 pills throughout the year, you increase your risk of premature death by four times. And if that isn’t bad enough—you increase your risk of cancer by 35%[3].

With 70 million Americans (22% of population in U.S.) suffering from a sleep disorder and 42 million of those 70 million chronically suffering from a sleep disorder, it can be no surprise that sleeping pill consumption is on the rise[4]

But have no fear, there are many simple ways to increase your quality of sleep in a natural, and healthy way.  Instead of the obvious suggestions for increased quality of sleep, I have focused on all 5 of our senses (Taste, Hearing, Smell, Touch and Sight).  Each one of these senses can be used to encourage your body to relax and place your mind at ease, which provides a great base for a good night’s rest. 

A great night’s sleep is not only attributed to a single cause and effect.  Great sleep comes from a combination of elements.  Many, if not all of those elements are under your control.  If you engage each of your 5 senses to stimuli that promote sleep, you will find your quality of sleep may improve significantly.  Below I have listed each of the 5 senses and how to stimulate each sense prior to sleep to maximize quality. 

Part 1 - Taste

Food you eat prior to sleep can positively or negatively affect your sleep.  Keep reading to discover what foods can promote sleep, and what foods can deter sleep.

Foods You SHOULD NOT Eat

Before sleep we know not to eat high fatty foods because our body cannot burn off the calories prior to sleep, so our body will be working through the night to attempt to digest the fats and protein.  Besides food containing high fat and heavy protein, food containing sugar is never a good option prior to bedtime either, because the high sugar content promotes nightmares. According to an article on the Fox News Network, a recent study has shown that 7 out of 10 people who eat junk foods like candy bars before bed are more likely to have nightmares[5].  

High fat, heavy proteins and junk food with high sugar content should be eaten at least 2 hours prior to sleep.  During digestion of these foods an increased amount of blood flow to the digestive system occurs which can keep you awake.  If you allow for two hours of digestion prior to sleep the heaviest part of digestion can take place and some of the sleep enhancing effects can take place after the two hour period of time.

Foods You SHOULD Eat

Now that we have the foods that we SHOULD NOT eat prior to sleep out of the way, let’s get into what we CAN eat.

When I was a boy, I remember my mom would make me a nice glass of warm milk, if I could not go to sleep.  At the time I had no idea why this worked, but it worked like clockwork.  Warm milk provides a number of sleep inducing effects from the tryptophan amino acid that it contains and the effect is has on the melatonin in your brain.  Both tryptophan and melatonin create a sense of calm and relaxation.  I guess this is why they say, “momma knows best.”

Cottage cheese is a great snack to be eaten at least 2 hours prior to sleep because it contains light, slow-digesting casein proteins that will distribute the amino acids to the muscle tissues for hours to come.  Cottage Cheese contains the amino acid tryptophan, which will naturally induce sleep in the body and help you get a better night's rest

Oatmeal is another great nutritious snack prior to sleep because of its rich fiber carbohydrate profile which releases serotonin.  Serotonin is a “feel-good” serotonin, that decreases stress and calms the body.  Peanuts, and peanut butter is another snack that provides the release of serotonin via the rich source of niacin that peanuts provide.  Peanuts are rich in fat and protein so the serving size should be kept to a minimum. 

If your sweet tooth grabs you prior to sleep, put it to sleep with the only fruits that contain the sleep inducing hormone, melatonin.   Those great fruits are the grape and the cherry.  Add some grapes and cherries to cottage cheese and you might in fact have the best pre-sleep snack, known to man. 

In conclusion, the snacks/foods that contain low-fat, low-sugar, high melatonin and high serotonin are the foods we should be consuming prior to sleep.  The food we eat before sleep should remain a snack of some sorts and not a whole meal, as we now know that a large caloric intake prior to sleep will keep the body up digesting instead of inducing the body into a relaxed nature. 

Next week I will be focusing on the senses of smell and touch.  Come back next week to find out how something as small as a scent can provide the foundation of an environment conducive to sleep.

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