Water Pillow Filling Instructions

Your new Mediflow® Waterbase®  pillow is simple to fill and can give you exactly the support you desire. The easy-to-fill water pouch provides gentle, responsive support all night long. Simply adjust the amount of water to the degree of support you prefer- soft, medium or firm.

Water Pillow Filling Instructions Step by Step

Step 1. Use the wrench provided to remove the Mediflow® Waterbase®cap. Insert the base of the tool in the valve cap and use as a wrench to loosen cap. Turn the tool counter-clock wise and remove the cap.

Step 2. Use the funnel to add water to the Mediflow® Waterbase®. Insert the tool into the valve opening, tighten and use as a funnel.

Step 3. Hold the pillow upright using a chair to support it. Fill the pouch with a measured amount of water to achieve the desired firmness of your pillow, soft medium or firm.

Step4. Gently push your fingers down to find the top of the water level in the water pouch.

Step 5. Gently flatten the remaining portion of the pouch in a sweeping motion to remove air from the water pouch.
Step 6. Continue to apply light pressure to top portion of the Mediflow® Waterbase® water pouch while replacing the cap.

For your complete water pillow filling instructions for your Mediflow®  Waterbase® Pillow, click here.

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