Why Is the Mediflow® Waterbase® Pillow Such a Great Holiday Gift?

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How about this for a holiday gift - a good night’s sleep! Give the gift of a Mediflow Water Pillow this year and see why these pillows make amazing gifts

Imagine you could give the gift of a better night’s sleep as a holiday present this year - all by ordering a set of new pillows for your lucky recipient. You’d give more than just a comfortable place to rest one’s head, though - you’d also be providing all of the substantial health benefits that come along with better sleep. You’ll give better school or work performance, enhanced physical health, better mental balance and even a greater sense of positivity toward life in general. All of this is possible by providing a pillow that has been proven to deliver a better night’s sleep than virtually any other option on the market today. Let’s look at some of the key reasons why a water pillow makes such an incredible holiday gift.

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It Gets Used Every Day

This isn’t something that can be said of the pack of socks, coffee mugs, or other random holiday gifts you may have given or received in the past. Instead, a new water pillow will see consistent use - night after night, for years on end. And, your friend or family member will think fondly of the importance of your relationship each time they rest their head at night and wake up refreshed every morning. Try that with a new necktie!


There Are a Variety of Benefits

Improving the quality of sleep for your friend or family member is a visible way of saying “I care about you.” By gifting a new water pillow this holiday season, you’ll improve the quality of sleep for the lucky recipient. The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow includes an adjustable waterbase that provides responsive support while you sleep. This is a great feature because it can be customized to your sleeping preferences--back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, the Mediflow Water Pillow is also clinically proven to improve your quality of sleep!


It’s a Unique Gift

When is the last time you received anything that truly made a difference in your life and got used every day? A water pillow will make a memorable and useful gift that’ll be remembered for years to come. Plus, Mediflow Water Pillows start at only $40. So, feel free to purchase a few - a couple for your home and a set for your lucky friends or family members!


It’s a Great Value

Water pillows are designed to last for years, unlike those inexpensive big-box store pillows your friends and family members are likely using today. Instead of watching as they throw out and replace their cheap pillows every six months, provide them with a top-quality water pillow and they’ll enjoy several years of restful evenings.


You Can Stay Within Your Holiday Budget

Buying holiday presents can quickly push your budget out of control, but a water pillow is incredibly affordable - especially when you consider the number of years of service your lucky friend or family member will enjoy. Good quality water pillows will be a little more expensive than a standard pillow, but catch them on sale and the price difference is almost imperceptible.

A water pillow is the perfect holiday gift choice for the friends and family members in your life. They’ll remember the thoughtful gift for years to come, and you’ll deliver a gift that will truly improve their quality of sleep. For more information about today’s leading water pillows, contact Mediflow today!

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