This Holiday - A Good Night's Sleep is a Gift!

Did you see the recent surveys that were published which found that better sleep is at the top of peoples' wish lists this holiday season?  It makes sense when you consider that the National Retail Federation's 2009 Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey (phew!) revealed that 35 percent intend to purchase gifts that are more practical this season.

You can give a gift this season that will continue to keep on giving night after night by providing a better quality of sleep.  Many people don't realize that their pillow is kaput and is actually impairing sleep.  When they enjoy better sleep night after night they will thank you over and over again for such a thoughtful gift.
The key to buying the correct pillow is to buy one that is adjustable.  When the pillow can be adjusted, there is no need to worry about whether it is the right "fit" for the recipient.  An adjustable pillow is perfect for EVERYONE!  The second most important  item is to find a pillow that provides proper support for the neck.  Do your research on the web.  Don't walk into a retail store without knowing what you are after.  Find a pillow that has been clinically shown to improve sleep and relieve neck pain.
So try it this holiday season!  Give the Gift of a Good Night's Sleep!  It's a great gift that is different and shows that you truly care.

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