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Join the Mediflow Affiliate Program & Earn Commission for every Mediflow Water Pillow you help sell!


Reasons to join

You can now earn 10% commission on sales from on our affiliate network.
If you are a blogger, social media whizz, graphic designer, photographer, health and wellness expert, or are simply someone who loves their water pillow, we'd love to welcome you to the program!

Benefits include: 
  # 10 + 2% commission for each affiliate
  # Exclusive Affiliate offers, starting at 30% off all products
  # Dedicated Affiliate Manager (Amber) to help you get started
  # Quick and Easy set up, with our 100% transparent Affiliate Network, hosted on Pepperjam
  # Frequently Updated banners, codes, links and graphics to help you promote


    how to join the Mediflow affiliate Program

    Joining the Mediflow Affiliate Program is quick and easy! Simply fill in the online form to become a Mediflow Affiliate!

    If you have any questions or need help getting set up, let us know! Contact Amber at
    We look forward to Working With you!

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