Buy 6, Get 1 Free - Original Fiberfill Chiroflow Pillows

Buy 6, Get 1 Free - Original Fiberfill Chiroflow Pillows

by: Mediflow®
$189.00 $220.50

Wake up refreshed and revived with the ultra-supportive best pillows for neck pain.



The Chiroflow Waterbase Fiberfill pillow is the only pillow clinically shown in 3 independent clinical studies to improve sleep and reduce neck pain. In fact, in a study at Johns Hopkins University, the Chiroflow pillow ranked best in all 5 categories studied over all other pillows tested. Chiroflow augments treatment of patients with cervical pain by providing proper cervical support and improves sleep at the same time!

The Chiroflow Professional Waterbase pillow is the #1 Selling Pillow in Chiropractic. It is easily adjustable to patient’s preference and comfort of soft, medium or firm.

Exclusive to Chiroflow Professional Waterbase pillow:

  • Only Chiroflow pillows are filled with our exclusive StāLoft© Dacron Hollofil© polyester for superior comfort and longer lasting support.
  • 300 Thread count cover
  • Filled with StāLoft© Hollofil© polyester
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

This item contains 7 Fiberfill pillows for the price of 6 with a free display box!

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