ChiroTrac DT - Patented Treatment - Traction Plus Cold Therapy

ChiroTrac DT - Patented Treatment - Traction Plus Cold Therapy

by: Mediflow®
$79.99 $129.99

Wake up refreshed and revived with the ultra-supportive best pillows for neck pain.



ChiroTrac DT"s new cold therapy pack is designed to induce analgesia and provide additional pain relief during your traction sessions.  Cold therapy has been shown to reduce blood flow and metabolism to affected tissues, providing relief from inflammation.Cold therapy has also been shown to decrease muscle spasms and ease muscle tension enabling more effective stretching during traction.

Because ChiroTrac DT can be used with or without the cold pack, the result is more effective and targeted pain relief for many categories of neck pain.

  • Adjustable Velcro tabs allow for a perfect fit for any neck size.
  • Cold therapy pack included
  • Inflator can be detached allowing user to move about during use without cumbersome hoses.
  • Deluxe vinyl storage bag with zipper.
  • Full 1 year warranty against defects

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