The original water pillow.

Clinically proven to reduce neck pain and improve sleep.

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The world's first water pillow.

Over 5 Million Water Pillows Sold

Millions of people all over the world trust their sleep to Mediflow.  That's why we are consistently rated the highest grade possible – 5 stars.

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For better sleep, just add water

Did you know that water improves sleep? The secret is in The Water Pillow's waterbase technology. Personalize your support by adding water. The waterbase adjusts as you move during sleep to keep you comfortable all night long. We call this responsive support. 

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Select your favorite comfort layer

We have 4 type of comfort fills that float atop the waterbase. Choose from fiber, down, down alternative, or gel memory foam

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The only pillow with proof

In a published study from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, subjects in the study gave us the highest ranking of all pillows tested. 

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