Are You Using Allergy Pillow Covers Yet?

Are You Using Allergy Pillow Covers Yet?

Unless you've been living under a rock you have been seeing lots of news stories about bed bugs and all the other nasty allergens that make their homes in our mattresses.  And all of those microscopic closeups!  YUK!! It's amazing we lived to be this old while all this was going on. Who knew?

While most of the attention has been on bed bugs in mattresses, your pillow is also a favorite hang out for all sorts of allergens that can interfere with your sleep.  What attracts them?  Nothing promotes mold, mildew and bacteria better than a warm moist environment.  What makes matters worse is that these allergens also attract mites and bugs that consider them food. Had enough? The good news is that this is an easy probelm to fix. 

First of all, get yourself a new pillow and throw out the old one. Get a brand new pillow and some anti-allergen pillow covers. Cover that clean new pillow with the anti-allergen cover and you are good to go. A quality anti-allergen pillow cover should be 100% cotton for breathable comfort, a high thread count for durability and have a certified anti-allergen finish.  Look for the "Sanitized©" trademark.  It shows that the manufacturer is using the best quality treatment available, made in Switzerland and tested regularly to be sure that the product performs.  The Sanitized finish prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria and without that tasty trio you'll never have to worry about dust mites and bed bugs.

Once you have your new anti-allergen covers, change them every time you wash your sheets and pillow cases. The Sanitized finish continues to protect after many washings. Try the Mediflow Anti-Allergen covers, they have all of the features and you can find them for a great price on the web


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