What’s a Circadian System?

Posted by Nadine Tesolin on

A circadian system is a 24-hour cycle within your body, also known as your body clock. This clock controls your alertness, sleep, hormone production, body temperature and brain and organ function. Every one of these functions can alter your system and cause your clock to go array. If your clock is not ticking properly, then your sleep patterns and REM cycles can get out of whack. Your Circadian system helps your body know when to fall asleep when to wake up and is the boss of your body’s functions.

The best way to keep your circadian system on track and have a good night’s sleep is to have a routine and stick to it as best as possible. Set alarms, get the recommended amount of sleep, be active and eat regularly, and you will keep your clock ticking smoothly.

 Circadian System brain

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