Ever heard of FHP? It's a pain in the neck for modern times.

FHP stands for forward head posture.  This is a big issue today as so much of what we do causes us to spend long periods of time with our head tilted forward.  Think about it - just watch people walking down the street while they text or surf the internet on their phones while walking, working at your desk reading papers or working on your laptop or PC - having your head tilted forward for extended periods of time or "anterior head carriage" will eventually cause the spine to reshape out of it's natural nuetral position and over times this causes joints and bones to degenerate.

Since most of the activities which cause FHP are a part of our modern life, what can we do about it? First of all, just try to stay aware of your head positon. Seat your self so that you are not stooped over at your desk by adjusting your chair or using an ergonomically designed chair.  While these chairs used to be quite expensive, they are now very mainstream and affordable. Check your posture by standind 5 or 6 inches from a wall and put your hips, shoulders and head against the wall.  Maintain this position for a minute or so and remember the posture so that you can try and achieve that position while walking or sitting at your desk.  As you get older it is very important to warch your posture so that you do not lose range of motion.  Find some neck exercises that you can use to keep your neck muscles strong.  Strong neck muscles are the best way to keep your head positioned properly.

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