A Buyer's Guide to Gel Memory Foam Pillows

A Buyer's Guide to Gel Memory Foam Pillows

You’ve probably heard the hype but what are the identified benefits of a gel memory foam pillow and how do you select the right one?

Thanks to the scientists at NASA, memory foam came into existence in the 70s to cushion the bodies of astronauts during jarring space flights into and out of the Earth’s atmosphere. Fast forward to present day, and memory foam is still used in leading-edge aeronautical vehicles but it has also entered the mainstream and is just as prevalent in pillows, seat cushions, and other more pedestrian items as it is in lunar exploration vehicles. One product that sees significant use of gel memory foam is pillows. Let’s look at this incredible material, its use in pillows, and how to select the best type of gel memory foam pillow for your unique sleeping style.

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When used in pillows, gel memory foam solves many of the sleep-related issues that plague today’s restless individuals. Let’s look at these three key benefits of gel memory foam when used in modern pillows.


Enhanced Air Circulation

Memory foam has been around for decades, but gel memory foam only really came into existence in 2006. Its emergence on the market was prompted by a call for a cooler sleeping surface among memory foam devotees. Because gel memory foam is infused with gel, the cooling properties of the gel help body heat to be pulled away more efficiently. This contributes to that “cooling pillow” feel that is a major benefit of gel memory foam.


Back and Shoulder Pain Relief

A huge benefit of gel memory foam is how it naturally responds to the weight and displacement of your head and shoulders while asleep. The inherent ability of the material to minimize the presence of pressure points and skeletal misalignments helps reduce neck pain.


It Feels Great

Memory foam is comfortable, but gel memory foam takes the plush factor to a whole new level and is considered by most to be a big step up comfort-wise from basic foam. Gel memory foam resists energy and motion transfer, doesn’t deform like polyester or other lower-cost materials, and keeps its shape just as adeptly as traditional memory foam.


How to Select the Right Gel Memory Foam Pillow

When seeking the ideal gel memory foam pillow for your unique sleeping style, you’ll want to pay attention to three key considerations: gel memory foam firmness, pillow shape, and profile, and price.



Gel memory foam pillows can come in varying firmnesses, and one of the most important considerations in selecting the correct one is to choose the firmness level you’re most comfortable with. Back sleepers tend to do better with a softer level of resistance, while side and stomach sleepers do best with a firmer design. Firm doesn’t always equate to the best level of support. A pillow that is too soft can allow your head, neck, and shoulders to rest at an awkward angle during the night - possibly triggering painful mornings and less than restful sleep. A  gel memory foam water pillow offers the ability to adjust your pillow to the perfect support level after you get it home and have had the opportunity to try it out because the firmness level can be quickly and easily modified by simply adding or subtracting water from the base section. This type of pillow eliminates the risk that you may end up buying a pillow that doesn’t work out after having time to actually sleep on it at home.


Shape and Profile

As in all pillows, the overall size and shape of the gel memory foam pillow is a big contributor to a good night’s sleep. Back sleepers tend to favor larger pillows that are a bit on the softer side, as this allows the pillow to create a comfortable “V-channel” in the center that cradles the head and neck. Side and stomach sleepers do best with a smaller, flatter gel memory foam pillow that will stay comfortably within the void between the head and shoulder, and some stomach sleepers report they sleep without a pillow in total comfort. At a minimum, stomach sleepers should place a flat pillow under their pelvis or abdomen to better align the spine. It is important to understand which type of sleep style you employ, then tailor the profile of the pillow to your needs.



You’ll find an array of gel memory foam pillows on the market today, available at various points on the affordability spectrum. While you should and will pay more for a good quality gel memory foam pillow than a cheap poly-fill pillow from a chain store, the result will be a better night of sleep, fewer aches and pains, a cooling pillow for temperature control, and a more positive sleeping experience. The value that comes with a higher quality pillow will make the cost worth it for your sleep wellness.

Looking to sleep restfully, reduce the occurrence of aches and pains, and wake up refreshed and revived? If so, consider the leading pillow for neck pain, the gel memory foam pillow. And for the ultimate sleep system, a gel memory foam water pillow will provide an enhanced sleep and wake up ready to tackle the day.

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