Suffering from Left Side Neck Pain? Your Pillow Could Be the Cause

Left side neck pain is a very common condition that most of us will experience at some pioint.  When this condition occurs, it can lead to constant pain and sleepless nights.  Left side neck pain is an avoidable condition however, and the key to preventing it is in understanding what the most common causes are.

Improper posture when seated for long periods of time is a common cause.  Be careful not to slouch in your chair and if you work with a computer keyboard, adjust it so that it is in a neutral position with your wrists straight as you type.  The keyboard, your working materials and the computer screen should be in a straight line directly in front of you to reduce head movement.  The use of a therapeutic back rest such as a LogicBack adjustable backrest will insure that your spine is in a neutral position.

The second most common cause of left side neck pain is use of an improper sleeping pillow.  Your pillow should be selected based on several factors such as your size and your preferred sleeping position. If your pillow does not support your neck properly this can lead to chronic left side neck pain after only one night! The best choice for a sleeping pillow is an adjustable pillow such as a Mediflow Waterbase pillow that can be customized to the proper support level for your neck.  Experiment with different adjustments to your pillow for several nights to find the level that provides the best and most comfortable night's sleep.

Some other causes of left side neck pain are whiplash injuries, physical or psychological stress, calcifications of the ligaments and tendons in the cervical spine and degeneration of the soft tissues or vertebrae or discs in the spine.  If, after you eliminate your posture and pillow as possible causes you still experience pain you should seek the services of a medical professional to determine if these or a more serious condition may be the cause.

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