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Top 5 Reasons Why a Mediflow Pillow Should be on Your Black Friday List

Beyond the fact that Mediflow Waterbase pillows are clinically proven to improve your sleep quality and reduce neck pain AND that they are customizable to suit your personal pillow needs, there are five crucial reasons to include them in your retail game plan:

5) Buying a Mediflow pillow does not involve a 4 am wakeup call.
4) Buying a Mediflow pillow does not require you going out into the cold, or even getting out of bed if your laptop is close.
3) Buying a Mediflow pillow does not involve waiting in lines, or fighting angry consumer mobs.
2) Buying a Mediflow pillow as a gift pretty much makes you the coolest gift-giver ever.

And the number one reason why you should buy a Mediflow pillow on Black Friday:

1) You don’t have to put pants on to buy yourself a pillow!

So there you have it, no early wakeups, no going out in the cold, no lines, no fights, no disappointments and NO PANTS.

Disclaimer: If you already sleeping on a Mediflow pillow, you most likely will be sleeping so soundly and comfortably that your 4 am Black Friday alarm may be ignored. We apologize for any inconvenience, and any damaging effects this may have on the economy.

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