women in yoga pose

Nothing Better for Those Aches and Pains Than Plain Old Exercise

This should come as no surprise but the old adage "you better move it before you lose it" is really true.  Especially as you get older, the best way to combat those sore muscles and aches and pains is to get off that couch!

In a study published by the Mayo Clinic, a connection was found between physical inactivity and the common complaints of sore bones, ligaments and muscles.  The study found that those with chronic conditions like common neck pain, back pain or arthritis also experienced chronic fatigue and depression. If you don't exercise regularly you will experience a lack of mobility and the muscles surrounding your joints can shrink which can cause pain in your joints. 

The best way to start is to get flexible.  Stretch and try to extend your range of motion. Yoga is a great way to stretch and limber up for more strenuous movement and as you progress you will find that the little aches and pains disappear.  Once you regain that old flexibility you can take on more substantial conditioning and aerobic activity which will allow you to lose weight and further condition your muscles and improve your circulation.  Don't worry if you have to start slow, concentrate on making progress - you're just trying to progress.

So get up and get moving!  Do a little more every day and soon those aches and pains will fade away!

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