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The Best Ways to Reduce Neck Pain After a Whiplash Injury

Suffering from neck pain due to a whiplash injury can feel never-ending but do not lose all hope just yet. We have compiled a list of a few tips to help you get back to your pain-free self.

  1. See a Chiropractor or Massage therapist.

Going to see a Chiropractor or massage therapist regularly can help to release some of the tension in your muscles around your neck. This is more of a long-term answer and will take a few appointments to really start feeling more permanent relief.

  1. Ice and Heat.

Using an ice pack or heating pack on your neck a few times a week can help bring blood to the area and heal your hurt muscles. Using heat or ice in 15 minutes intervals a few times a week or as needed can help you start to feel better.

  1. Buy a Comfortable and Supportive pillow.

Gone are the days of lifeless pillows that do nothing to support your head and neck to help you sleep. The Water Pillow by Mediflow was actually invented through a whiplash accident and is the world's first water pillow. The Water Pillow is clinically proven over other therapeutic pillows through a Johns Hopkins study to reduce neck pain and improve the quality of your sleep. The waterbased technology moves with you while you sleep allowing for constant customizable support of the head and neck during sleep.

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