What Your Sleeping Position Says About You (and the Pillow to Match!)

What Your Sleeping Position Says About You (and the Pillow to Match!)

It’s common knowledge that body language can reveal a lot about your thoughts and personality, but can the same be said about your sleeping position? Considering the fact the most of us spend at least 6 hours of our day sleeping, it’s no surprise that your sleeping position can reveal a lot about you. Researchers have studied the most common sleep patterns to gain a greater understanding of what they mean. They discovered that there are six different sleeping positions, each with clues about the sleeper’s personality.

Here, we outline the different sleeping positions, what they say about your personality and the pillows that are best for each position.

Most Common Sleeping Positions, What They Mean, and Which Pillow to Use

Woman sleeping in fetal position
  1. The Fetal Position

The fetal position is to thank for most people sleeping like a baby. This position is when a person sleeps on their side with their knees curled in towards the chest, like a ball. According to the study done by Professor Chris Idzikowski, this is the most common sleeping position. 41% of the participants preferred this position. Interestingly, more than twice as many women as men tend to adopt this position.

What the Fetal Position Says About Your Personality: Fetal position sleepers are typically tough on the outside but sensitive on the inside. They are usually shy when they first meet someone, but tend to relax and open up quickly. Overthinkers by natures, fetal sleepers curl up to protect themselves, often feeling the need to be understood and sympathised with. If you prefer the fetal position, it may be helpful to find a creative outlet like writing, painting or dancing.

The Best Pillow for The Fetal Position: Choose a thick, supportive pillow that fills in the distance between your ear and shoulder when you’re on your side. Keep your head and neck in a neutral position.

  1. The Log

The Log is the second most popular position. In fact, 15% of the sleepers find themselves in the Log Position, laying on their side with their legs extended straight and arms by their sides. While it may seem like this position reflects a stiff personality, the opposite is actually true.

What The Log Position Says About Your Personality: People who sleep like a log tend to be social and easy-going. Log sleepers are incredibly friendly and popular, however, their carefree attitude usually makes them very trusting. Because they are so trusting, they can be a little gullible.

The Best Pillow for The Log Position: Like the fetal position, find a pillow designed for side sleepers. One plump pillow should do the job and help support your neck and head.

  1. The Yearner

Yearners sleep on their side, but have their arms stretched out in front of them, as if reaching or yearning for something (as the name implies). The yearner position is slightly less popular than the log (13% of sleepers choose this position), but has similar personality traits to the log.

What The Yearner Position Says About Your Personality: Similar to their log sleeping counterparts, The Yearner tends to have an open nature, but are less gullible. The Yearner may be slower to make up their mind, but once it is made up, they are significantly less inclined to change it. People who gravitate towards this position are usually very inviting and open. However, they can be suspicious and are often very cynical.

The Best Pillow for The Yearner Position: If you sleep with your arms outstretched, you will need to find a pillow that cradles your head and neck, but also supports your shoulders. This may be a medium to firm pillow.

  1. The Soldier. Attention! You guessed it, the soldier position is where you sleep on your back with your arms resting by your sides. Only 8% of sleepers sleep this way.

What The Soldier Position Says About Your Personality: Soldier sleepers tend to live up to their name, being strong, silent, and structured individuals. Those who sleep in this position are typically quiet, reserved, and have high expectations of themselves and others. They have high standards, strict moral codes, and tend to take themselves very seriously. They also have a tendency to snore.

The Best Pillow for The Soldier Position: As a back sleeper, you need a fluffy pillow that will fill the space behind your neck and shoulders. Your chin shouldn’t fall too close to your chest and your neck shouldn’t be tilted. This is likely going to be a soft to medium pillow.

Woman sleeping in free falling position

  1. The Freefaller. I’m free. free falling! This sleeper lies on their stomach with their arms wrapped around their pillow and head turned to the side. While the majority of sleepers may find this uncomfortable, the 8% who enjoy this sleeping position wouldn’t trade it for any other.

What The Freefaller Position Says About Your Personality: Freefallers have a bold and sociable exterior, but typically don’t have the thick skin to deal with criticism. As the name of the position may suggest, freefallers have very open and playful personalities. Their pitfall is that they can be so direct that it comes off as brash. While free-spirited most of the time, freefaller sleepers crave control and may be secretly anxious.

The Best Pillow for The Freefaller Position: The best pillow for the Freefaller is one that doesn’t stress your neck. This can be tricky considering most pillows offer thick cushioning and push the head upwards. Thin pillows are best for stomach sleepers like the freefaller.

  1. The Starfish. Never ask a starfish for directions. This position is just like it sounds, where sleepers are stretched out comfortably across the bed. If you’re one to stretch out like this, you’re among the 5%.

What The Starfish Position Says About Your Personality: Starfish sleepers make great friends. Always eager to be a shoulder to lean on, starfish don’t enjoy being the center of attention, but don’t mind if they find themselves there, either. Starfish sleepers are incredibly loyal and prioritize their friendships. Problem-solvers by nature, they love to lend a helping hand when they can. This, of course, makes sense considering the fact that the position itself looks like they are reaching out for a hug.

The Best Pillow for The Starfish Position: There can be both back or stomach starfish sleepers, so choose a pillow accordingly. If you snooze on your stomach, make sure your pillow isn’t too tall, or else it may put stress on your back and neck.

These are the most popular sleeping positions, but there are countless others. But no matter what your sleeping style, Mediflow pillows can work for you. They are the only pillows that are completely adjustable according to your height, weight, sleeping style, and preference. Even more, they can be customized with gel memory foam, fiberfill, or down. Not sure which pillow is right for you? Start by building your own pillow today!

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