Tips on How To get a Good Quality Sleep Every Night

Tips on How To get a Good Quality Sleep Every Night

Now, what is the deal with clean sleeping? Clean sleeping can also be referred to as sleep hygiene and basically it is giving your body the right conditions to have a good quality sleep and heal itself from daily activities. Below are 6 tips that will help you learn how to relax your body and finally get those 7-9 glorious uninterrupted hours of sleep.


  1. Make your bedroom your sanctuary.

Design your room to make you feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. You can do this by picking a set of blinds that you love but will keep the light out in the morning, opt to paint your walls neutral tones because then you can easily change your accent pieces with the seasons. Purchase a nice soft textured carpet, a carpet can add comfort and will feel amazing on your feet after a long day, you may also want to keep a few scented candles on hand that you love and can swap out when you need a change. By having your room laid out in a way that makes you happy, you will feel an instant release of the day's stresses and anxiety upon entering.

bedroom sanctuary for sleep

  1. Give your electronics a bedtime.

Removing electronics from your room, and not touching them after a certain time will help to shut off the to-do lists and email alerts in your mind. All of your electronics emit a blue light which can increase alertness, can mess with your body’s lock and delay your body’s release of melatonin. By putting your electronics to sleep you are allowing your body to relax and begin the sleep process sooner.


  1. Take a warm bath or shower.

According to The Hindu, your body naturally cools down in temperature at night so they suggest trying a hot bath or shower before bed. By taking a hot bath or shower a few hours before you intend to go to bed, you can trick your body into starting the cooling process earlier and help your body relax faster. Thus, you will fall asleep easier.

hot bath before sleep

  1. Use a lavender pillow mist or any lavender scented products before bed.

The National Sleep Foundation says, lavender has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, which can put you into a state of relaxation. By spraying your pillow or lighting a lavender candle you can get your body to relax after a long day.


  1. Invest in a good mattress and pillow.

A big reason why people do not sleep well is because their body, especially their head and neck, are not supported properly. Test out your mattress in-store by laying down and seeing how it feels and works for you. Same goes for your pillow; look at reviews and try to find both a comfortable and supportive pillow that fits you. The Water Pillow by Mediflow is the only pillow that offers you comfort and support through our Waterbased technology.

the water pillow

  1. Stay away from trigger foods late at night.

Try to omit trigger foods from your diet after 8 pm such as alcohol, caffeine, and spicy or fatty foods. These foods can be hard on your body to digest and can cause you to be more alert than relaxed.


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