Try a Travel Pillow

Try a Travel Pillow

Taking your own pillow for travel can make a long flight much more comfortable. Since most airlines are eliminating blankets and pillows bringing your own may be the only you can get comfortable.  Before you get on a plane with lousy pillows, you should consider a travel back pillow.

Travel pillows are small and easy to pack. They provide the needed support for your head and neck so that you can catch up on a little sleep.  You may choose some of the new “U” shaped pillows out there which are filled with air (you supply that) or a variety of other materials such as little Styrofoam beads or polyester.  Another choice would be a Mediflow® Waterbase®  travel pillow which can be used on the plane and also later at your destination as a sleeping pillow when you add water for proper support when sleeping in bed.  You can toss those horrible hotel pillows, or, better yet, use them as a bolster under your knees (back sleeper) or between your legs (side sleeper).

Another reason you might want to invest in your own travel pillow is to avoid germs, bacteria or mold. Use a Mediflow Anti-Allergen cover that you can remove after each trip and launder.

Shop online to find the best travel pillow for you. Make sure that you choose one that is small enough and convenient so that you are not lugging around unnecessary weight. Use the links on our home page to check out our online retail partners.  They have what you need for happy, safe traveling.

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