6 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Sleep

6 Signs You're Not Getting Enough Sleep

The ideal sleep time is eight hours per night. But how can you tell for sure if you’re getting the sleep you need? Here are six signs to look out for that may reveal you’re not getting enough.

A good night’s sleep is essential for how our body functions. When we are sleep-deprived, it can negatively affect how we think and act. You may be used to receiving well under the eight hours of recommended sleep per night, but it could be harmful to your health. Read through and see if you identify with any of the signs below. If so, then start thinking about how you can improve your quality of sleep today.

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You’re Always Hungry

Researchers have identified two key hormones that can be affected by too little pillow time. Ghrelin is called the “hunger hormone,” and is produced by the digestive system, often in excess when the body doesn’t get enough sleep. Leptin is another hormone that is affected by sleep patterns, and too little sleep can minimize its production, which leads to food cravings.


You Act Impulsively

Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t know what I was thinking when I made that decision!” Acting impulsively isn’t necessarily a character flaw - it may be a simple reaction to too little sleep. We tend to lash out, act insensitively, make poor decisions, and generally do things we wouldn’t normally do when we don’t spend enough time sleeping. If you find that your recent behavior is a bit on the impulsive side, consider finding ways to get more sleep.


Your Work Productivity Is Declining

Sleep deprivation can limit the ability to focus and pay attention to detail when it comes to work. Although you may have stayed up late completing projects or answering emails, doing so prevents you from having a well-rested mind for the day ahead. If you (or your supervisor) has recently noticed a slip in your work, identify if lack of sleep may be the culprit and make changes accordingly.


Your Memory Is Fading

This may not be strictly related to sleep, but mental acuity is certainly hampered when you fall short of your ideal number of sleep hours each night. If you’re constantly forgetting where you placed your keys, your work passwords consistently allude you, or your ability to perform routine tasks at work is becoming more difficult, you may want to get more sleep. Long-term memory loss often parallels the aging process, but it pays to see your doctor if you feel like your memory is fading too quickly.


You Feel Like a Klutz

Your brain doesn’t operate at full-speed when you’re overly tired. This is why it is dangerous to drive at night when you’re on the verge of falling asleep. Rush-hour car accidents have been caused by individuals who simply aren’t able to respond in time due to being tired from a night of poor sleep. Sleepy individuals tend to fall down stairs, trip over power cords, and spill their coffee with greater regularity than those who get a full night of sleep. The impairment can range from annoying to downright deadly.


You Get Sick a Lot

Your body requires sleep to fight off infection, which is why you’re predisposed to lay in bed all day when a bad cold or the flu strikes. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you may find that the number of sick days you take each year increases, and the duration of these illness events expand. A few nights in a row of poor sleep is enough to lower your defenses against common viruses. In fact, those who got an average of six or seven hours of sleep each night were four times more likely to get a cold than those who got seven hours or more.

Getting a good night of sleep is important for your physical and mental well-being. Your productivity, mental acuity, and overall performance are related to the number of hours you’re able to sleep each night. Many factors go into creating a restful sleeping experience and one of them is ensuring you have the right pillow.

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