Mediflow® Support Pillows

Mediflow® manufactures several types of Waterbase® pillows. The most popular Mediflow® support pillow is the Mediflow® Waterbase® fiberfill pillow which is a 20x28” jumbo pillow that is designed to fit either a standard or queen pillowcase. The Dacron fiberfill used in the Mediflow® Waterbase® Fiberfill pillow is deluxe polyester fiber that is durable, washable and one of the softest available. The fiberfill pillow also has excellent hypoallergenic qualities. Over 4 million Waterbase® Fiber pillows have been sold because it is so effective.

For those who prefer a natural filling material, the Mediflow® Waterbase® down-filled pillow is an excellent choice. While down is nature’s most luxurious, soft filling material, by itself, down does not provide proper support for the neck. With the Mediflow® Waterbase® system you can now buy a down pillow that actually supports the neck while still providing one of the softest feeling pillows available. The down in the Mediflow® Waterbase® down pillow has been specially cleaned and treated to make it hypoallergenic as well!  Add machine washable and all of the problems with down are solved. With the Mediflow® Waterbase® pillow you will wake less often to fluff and re-stuff since the Waterbase® will maintain cervical and lumbar support as you sleep at night. With the introduction of the Mediflow® travel pillow, Mediflow® Support Pillows are easier than ever to take on the road with you.  For many, the worst night’s sleep they experience are in hotels or even when staying at friends' homes in “guest” rooms where pillows are often cheap and uncomfortable.


The Mediflow® travel water pillow is a compact size that can be packed away and filled when you reach your destination. Despite its compact shape, the travel pillow still features a generous Waterbase® for full cervical and lumbar support while you’re away from home. With the Mediflow® Waterbase® travel pillow, you’ll be able to push those inferior pillows aside when you travel and enjoy the same superior quality of sleep and softness you get from your water filled pillow at home.