Why Are Waterbase Pillows Recommended by Chiropractors and Physical Therapists?

Why Are Waterbase Pillows Recommended by Chiropractors and Physical Therapists?

Chiropractors the world over are recommending waterbase pillows more than all other types of pillows, for clients with neck pain, the young, the elderly, and everyone in between.

You’ve probably heard of a water pillow, but are you currently using one? Advances in sleep science have made traditional bargain-store polyester pillows all but obsolete - not to mention a poor choice if good chiropractic health and wellness are priorities for you and your family. Chiropractors today recommend waterbase pillows more often than any other pillows and the reasons are clear.

Why Are Waterbase Pillows Recommended by Chiropractors and Physical Therapists? | Mediflow


First, there are countless studies about how various pillow types can affect your quality of sleep. A John Hopkins study showed water-based pillows are clinically proven to improve overall quality of sleep as well as reduce sleep-related pain and chronic neck pain. Water-based pillows have also been shown to reduce neck during sleep. But beyond the studies, what are the real-world benefits of using a water pillow, as supported by so many chiropractors around the world?


You’ll Likely Fall Asleep Faster

Since a water pillow can be filled to a specific firmness, providing responsive support, test subjects have been shown to fall asleep much faster than when they use other types of pillow. For those who find trouble falling asleep, this is a huge benefit. Some patients even find that they can discontinue the use of sleep aids and supplements by simply switching to a water pillow.


Neck Pain Is Generally Reduced

Millions of chiropractic patients are guided toward waterbase pillows by their chiropractors. The reason is simple - water pillows have been clinically proven to provide the greatest level of support for those suffering from neck pain. Water pillows are top choices for neck pain pillows because they offer responsive support as you move during sleep to maintain support for the neck and promote proper spinal alignment during all phases of the sleep cycle.


You’ll Get More Sleep

Even if you go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, you’ll likely get a higher quality of sleep if you use a pillow that properly supports your head and neck. You’ll fall asleep faster, toss and turn less, and wake up less frequently during the night. This compound boost in hours rested can add up to a big difference in how refreshed and rejuvenated you feel every morning and over the course of a year amounting to hundreds of hours of extra rest. If you’re already in bed, you might as well reap the benefits of enhanced sleep in the hours that you have available.


One Size Does Fit All!

When you look at the incredibly diverse assortment of body types, sleeping styles, and physical ailments among us, it is no wonder we have such a hard time finding a pillow that really works. Chiropractors tend to recommend water pillows because these pillows can be adjusted to match the needs of side, back, stomach sleepers as well as people of any size and shape no matter how big or small. One good quality water-based pillow can be adjusted to meet the requirements of virtually any individual.

Chiropractors recommend water-based pillows most frequently today. When you consider that you’re spending almost 30% of your life sleeping, it makes sense to invest in a waterbase pillow that can make your sleeping hours as restful and healthy as possible. Good water-based pillows don’t cost a fortune, with most leading designs available in the $40-$100 range. And when you factor in their inherent durability and consistent performance, the price seems like a true bargain.

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