Press Release - Mediflow's Water Pillow: Clinically Proven to Reduce Pain and Improve Sleep

Side-by-side comparison of a Traditional Hot Water Bottle and a Mediflow Water Pillow, illustrating the transition to Waterbase Technology for sleep and pain relief.

MARKHAM, Ontario, April 25, 2024
Mediflow claims that its Water Pillow has dual status as both a medical device and a bed pillow. By integrating the benefits of water with modern sleep technology, Mediflow has drawn inspiration from the classic hot water bottle — a trusted remedy for over a century. This innovation has moved beyond conventional boundaries, enhancing comfort and offering significant health improvements as validated by extensive consumer feedback and clinical evidence from a Johns Hopkins study.

Customer Validation Speaks Volumes

The Mediflow Water Pillow’s transformative impact on health is confirmed by over 17,500 5-star reviews globally. A recent detailed analysis of Amazon reviews for the Mediflow Water Pillow reveals its dual benefits as both a medical device and a bed pillow. According to users, it not only improves sleep quality but also significantly reduces neck pain, and provides relief from morning headaches and migraines. People also reported a reduction in arthritis pain, cervical fusion discomfort, and a variety of other medical conditions related to the head and neck. Over 70% of Mediflow’s 5-star reviews speak directly to the health benefits of using the pillow, compared to less than half of this percentage for major pillow brands.

Johns Hopkins Clinically Proven Health Benefits

The efficacy of the Mediflow Water Pillow, as highlighted by over 17,500 5-star reviews, is not only a testament to its comfort but also backs up the clinical findings from a Johns Hopkins study. This study verified that the Water Pillow significantly improves sleep quality and alleviates neck pain, thus user reviews directly validate these scientific results, reinforcing the pillow's status as an effective medical device.

A New Chapter in Sleep Solutions

Maurice Bard, the inventor of the "Mediflow Water Pillow Medical Device," sums up the review analysis this way: "It came as a shock that the primary focus of customer reviews was almost entirely health-related. We knew we helped people with neck pain and quality of sleep because of the Johns Hopkins study, but the sheer amount of health benefits that consumers are talking about is almost incomprehensible. This includes not only neck pain but also morning headaches, migraines, arthritis, and more … this medical device can help hundreds of millions who are currently suffering."

Bar chart analysis of Mediflow Pillow reviews showing high satisfaction for sleep and neck pain relief.

Showing making procedure is a good way to guarantee product quality

About Mediflow: Founded in 1994, Mediflow has been at the forefront of developing innovative sleep solutions that cater to the health and comfort needs of millions worldwide. This USA-made waterbag technology is sold to medical distributors in over 40 countries. With a focus on enhancing the quality of sleep and life, Mediflow continues to innovate and lead the industry.

Woman resting on a Mediflow Water Pillow with adaptive waterbase layer.


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