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8 Ways to Keep Cool on a Hot Summer Night

Now that we are approaching the heart of summer, we know there will be a heatwave coming. Don’t get me wrong I love summer but being hot, sticky and uncomfortable is not the perfect formula for a good night’s sleep. Staying cold during the night can be hard especially if you sleep next to your partner, you have little kiddos or dogs, you do not have AC or don’t want to pay to crank the AC. We get it sleeping in heat feels uncomfortable and can actually interrupt your bodies natural relaxation process which can make it very difficult to get some shut-eye.
So, if you are having a hard time sleeping this summer and the heat is getting the best of your good night sleep try following these tips.

Eat a Light Dinner

When you eat a lighter meal, your body does not have to metabolize as much food. When your body digests food it expels heat through a function of your body's Circadian Rhythm called “metabolic heat”. If the weather channel is calling for a heat wave, try reaching for a salad instead of steak and potatoes.

Buy a Fan for Your Bedroom

Buying a fan from your local department store is one of the easiest ways to keep you cool at night. A fan in your bedroom will help circulate the air and could create a cross breeze if you sleep with your window open.

Take a Cold Shower Before Bed

Our bodies naturally cool by a few degrees before bed but you can help trick your body into relaxation by having a cold shower and leaving your hair damp. Taking a cold shower will not necessarily help you stay cool the entire night but it will help you relax, feel clean and be comfortable while trying to fall asleep.

Sleep Supported

It is important for a good night’s sleep to have bedding that is both comfortable and supportive. You are already going to be hot so do not let an uncomfortable mattress or pillow make it any worse. The Water Pillow by Mediflow is perfect for a summers night because the water pouch will not heat up as your body does but rather it will stay the temperature of your room which may help you stay cool.

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Light Sheets and Bedding

Cotton sheets and bedding is where it's at on a hot summer night. Cotton is a lightweight material that breathes nicely and will help keep you cooler.


Turn off and unplug any electronics that are unnecessary in your room. Electronics give off heat and emit a blue light that can hinder you from falling asleep.

Freeze the Sheets

It may sound weird but try sticking your sheets or pillowcases if you do not want to make your entire bed in the freezer for a few minutes before going to bed. Cooling down your sheets will cool down your room and your body temperature. Cooling your sheets will not keep you cool for the entire night but it may just do the trick when a heatwave hits.

Keep Hair Up

For anyone with long hair, you know the struggle of a sweaty neck and hair sticking to you. Try sleeping with your hair in a ponytail, bun or pff of your neck while you sleep to keep you feeling cooler and more comfortable.

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