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Getting the adequate 7-9 hours of sleep a night is important for both your health and appearance. Beauty sleep benefits include helping you maintain an even complexion, healthy weight, elevated mood, and health-centric lifestyle.

Below are five benefits that a restful night’s sleep has on your appearance and health. Proper sleep:

  1. Reduces puffy skin

Maintaining a healthy relationship between sleep and skin is important. As you sleep, your body is busy repairing damage and getting rid of toxins. This includes allocating hydration throughout your body. When you deprive yourself of sleep, this reallocation is cut short, leaving excess moisture under your eyes and around your face (think: bags under the eyes and swelling). Give your body the time it needs to allocate nutrients properly and flush out unnecessary materials by getting enough sleep.

  1. Evens out/brightens complexion

During REM sleep, your skin produces a growth hormone that heals your skin and produces new cells to replace damaged ones. This is why a restful night’s sleep results in a bright, fresh complexion. Your skin healed itself while you caught some z's. To enhance this process, apply a reparative night cream to help your skin’s healing efforts.

  1. Calms existing skin conditions

Acne, eczema, and allergic reactions are enhanced by inflammation, and when you’re sleep deprived, your body increases its inflammatory response. Conversely, getting 7-9 hours of beauty sleep time gives your skin the chance to heal and significantly reduces inflammation. This can cause skin conditions to subside.

  1. Boosts mood

You’ve probably noticed that after a night of tossing and turning, you feel a bit crabby the next morning. This is completely normal, as inadequate sleep leaves you physically and mentally exhausted. And mental exhaustion causes irritability, stress, and even depression. The health benefits of sleep include a well-rested body and mind, resulting in a boost in both energy and confidence.

  1. Has long-term anti-aging effects

The relationship between healthy sleep and skin is positively correlated. Over a long period of time, the amount of sleep you get can have a significant effect on your skin’s aging. While you sleep, your body repairs itself and produces collagen, an important anti-aging compound. Insufficient collagen is linked to dry, nutrient-deficient skin, which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Give your skin the opportunity to maximize its amazing healing abilities by getting a good amount of sleep. You may notice a smoother, more youthful appearance.

  1. Helps control your appetite

Your body gets energy in two primary ways - through food and through sleep. When you deprive your body of sleep, it will turn to food as an alternative energy source. In addition, shorter sleep cycles can lead to an increase in the hormones that signal hunger, making you think you are hungry even when you’re not. A night of adequate beauty sleep time rejuvenates your body with the energy it needs, decreases your need for food, and decreases your appetite.

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The health benefits of sleep last much longer than just the morning after. Getting regular sleep can lead to an even, glowing complexion, younger looking skin, a healthy appetite, and a brighter mood, among other beauty sleep benefits. Your body works hard while you sleep, so give it the time to allocate nutrients, flush out waste, manage hormone production, and more.

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