Wondering if a Mediflow water pillow is right for you?

Don't take our word for it - read our customers recommendations:

★I have cervical stenosis. This water pillow is the only thing keeping me pain-free. It has greatly changed the quality of my life. Thank you for making them!
-Michele Gregoire G.

 ★ I just purchased this pillow three days ago and I have now had mornings without headaches/migraines. I wish I had knew about this a while ago, I would have save myself so many headaches. Thanks for making such a great pillow.
-Joan K.

★Wow, was the first thing I thought when I rested my head back on the pillow. I don't know if I will every use a conventional pillow again!!!
-Thomas K.

★I got my pillow and loved it. My dubious husband, who was having severe neck pain at night, borrowed it for several nights and decided he REALLY liked it too, so I ordered him one. We are taking them with us on a 7-week trip to the UK, where we will be driving, and figure we'll just have to fill them once after we take them out of our luggage.
 -Cheryl O.

★Just awesome. I got two. I love them. This pillow has helped me a lot with my post-traumatic cervical pain.
-Marmer M.

★I honestly did not think your pillow would be that much different from my much-loved down pillow but I was so wrong! I have been able to sleep all through the night without waking up and the pain I used to feel in my right upper arm every night has gone. I think it was there because my neck was not supported right. The Mediflow water pillow supports my head and neck so comfortably. Thanks for the pillow!!!
-Marsha B.

★ U gotta try this....this is so comfty....the best pillow u can sleep on...
- Carrie D.

★ My husband was having severe neck pain and headaches....now he is pain free in his neck and sleeps like a baby. Thank you Mediflow!! :>)
-Tina K.

★The only pillows that helps me have relief from neck and shoulder pain.
- Anne D.

★ Love this pillow it my second one and I couldn't sleep without one.
- Sandra B.

★ Very comfortable, best sleep ever had for a long time.
- Jocelyne R-B.

★ GREATEST PILLOW EVER! After neck fusion years ago I'm finally able to sleep.
- Louise B.

★ Best pillow in the world--my neck feels 100% better & my quality of sleep is back to normal--yay!
- Tracy D.

★Great pillow! you need to get one!
- Frances M.

★Best pillow for my neck!! Had one for years !!
- Bonnie M.

★Love my pillow to provide me with the best sleep!!
- Christy Patterson D.

★I think that the Mediflow pillow is the best pillow in the world!
- Marguerite P.

★My neck finally feels better and I am sleeping better too.
- Nancy D.

★I have used your product for 6 years now. I have just bought a spare, because we live in a remote area. I have osteoarthritis in my neck. The pillow helps me have a good night sleep. Thank you Mediflow.
- Pam K.

★Awesome, my neck never felt better.
- Gordon P.

★Amazing Pillow!!! Better than Down Feathers!!!! You won't be disappointed!
- Ray P.

★It's so nice not to wake up with a kink in my neck!
- Paulette D.

★ great for chronic neck, facial, shoulder pain as well as for headaches! Love it!
- Janice P.

★ I love my Mediflow pillow!! Best investment for me...
- Kathy W.

★Best pillow I have ever had!
- Vivian L.

★Very good sleep with this pillow, bought one for my grandson and he loves it as well
- Vickie W.

★Been using a Mediflow water pillow for years. Haven't had a neck problem since.
- Michele G.

★The BEST pillow I have ever slept on.
- Cynthia D.

★This is my second Mediflow pillow and I would recommend a Mediflow pillow to anyone. I have very severe neck damage and chronic pain and I only get proper support and relief from this pillow.
- Doris T.

★If you have neck trouble when you sleep this is the solution!
- Howard L.

★Finally!!! A good night's sleep.
- Mike P.

★Best pillow I have ever had! Good support for the head and the neck. All the family have one!
- Guy L.

★I just brought my second pillow now I don't have to remember to take my pillow into the camper when we leave as i have forgotten it may times and my sleep is not good without it.
- Ann C.

★My chiropractor daughter in law recommended this pillow for neck pain. It helped quite a bit.
- Sheila O.